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Enaya’s Medical Tourism department arrange treatment for its clients in India, UAE and Canada. Now a days India is on top in medical tourism, you can expect high quality medical treatment with low cost. So most of the patients would like to visit India.

Our Laboratories setup department cooperated with top ART / IVF Lab directors from Canada who highly qualified and experienced to setup labs for your clinic or hospitals with cutting edge technology.

Enaya’s marketing department consists of bilingual professional staff who can market, promote your company and products in Middle east and India. We represent our clients in International Exhibitions and we do mass marketing through various channels.

We also provide Hospital Management System, Integrated software programs which could be customized according your requirements. It makes your business very organized.

Four major reasons people are choosing India for Medical Tourism

Unavailability of Quality Healthcare in Source Countries

Countries where the spending on public healthcare sector is limited & where the healthcare sector has not evolved as much may not have the infrastructure & capability to meet the healthcare needs of their population. They instead depend heavily on Medical Tourism. Many African, South American & Middle Eastern nations fall under this category.

High Affordability & Cost Effectiveness

Medical procedures in developed countries such as U.S., U.K., etc. are very high as compared to India & other Medical Tourism spots. A person coming to India for his/her medical treatment can save anywhere between 30 to 70 per cent even including the cost of ticket expenses & accommodation.

Immediate Treatment

Many developed countries do not have immediate access to medical procedures & have long waiting lists. In Canada, more than 50% people say it took longer than 4 weeks to see a specialist. Access to immediate medical procedures is what attracts patients from developed countries travel to India.

Travel Opportunities

While the primary motivation for patients might be access to better quality of healthcare and timely medical aid, the opportunity to visit a new destination is an additional draw for some. Especially for patients seeking dental care, cosmetic care, etc., as they can enjoy exploring the destination while recovering.

Top Source Countries for Medical Visas to India

According to the Indian Tourism Statistics, 2014 by Ministry of Tourism – Government of India, the maximum number of people that came in 2014 on Medical Visas were from Bangladesh followed by Afghanistan & Maldives. Top 10 Source Countries for Medical Visas 2014

The major reason so many people are travelling to India for medical treatment from these countries is because of unavailability of quality healthcare in their country & India is a better option due to its physical proximity, similarity in culture, food & language.


Enaya International, Medical Facilitation services and solutions, corporate office located in Bangalore, Southern part of India. It is a Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan city. It is also known as garden and IT city. We are into Medical Tourism, Marketing, Laboratories, and Software developments for Healthcare industries. Since we tie up with top hospitals / Companies in India, Dubai and Canada you can expect quality service from us.

Our upcoming branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which will be gateway for our services to the rest of the world. Dubai is a International city where you can expose your business to the rest of the world. Since our bilingual professional staff who can handle the work in Arabic and English so this will be an advantage for our clients. Our Dubai branch concentrate on Medical Tourism, Marketing and IT Solutions for Healthcare industries. We have strong marketing team, well versed in promoting, marketing new Healthcare centers, Clinics, Hospitals or their products to Middle East. Behalf of clients we participate in International Exhibitions, Seminars. Our digital marketing team will keep our client always online with changing world. So we are the best source to market, promote your company and products in this Middle East and India.


  • Straight forward and simple steps to book.
  • Fast and efficient service.
  • Visa assistance.
  • Our staff are highly qualified and professionals
  • We are non commercial, we stand along with clients in every steps of their medical trip.
  • Low cost comparing to other part of the world.
  • Low risk – World class treatment and surgery.
  • Full patients support 24X7 service.
  • We arrange A to Z during their medical trip.
  • We take care them from Airport to Airport.

  • Wide ranges of accommodation.
  • We provide native speakers for their assistance.
  • We do special arrangements for Ladies.
  • We recommend at least 3 hospitals before clients take their decision. So they can have clear idea about their treatments.
  • We do not let others to take advantage of our clients.
  • We have sound contacts with hospitals so clients get best possible treatment.
  • We provide multi cuisine food (Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Iranian …) on request.


“The Arabic native speakers make us very comfortable during our trip”

A.J. Al Kitbi

“They take care us from Airport to Airpot, The food, accommodation, hospital and doctors are professional but my advice is to stretch your budget so you get better service”


“Wide range of hospitals, professional doctors and their hospitality make our trip successful, Many thanks”

A. Saif

“Professional and friendly staff. The way they handle patients really good”

K.A. Al Mazroui

“Initially I send my mother medical report, they reply us back after consulting with couple of doctors and hospitals. so we decided to go to India for treatment. we were visiting first time to Bangalore and bit worried. But we surprised the way they care us. Finally our trip went well. Many thanks and God bless them.



India is a centre of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy etc. in addition with the spiritual philosophy that has been integral to the Indian way of life. People look forward in getting their treatment done using the above mentioned methods.

A large portion of the specialists at Indian clinics are prepared or have worked at a portion of the medical centres in the US, Europe, or other prominent countries. Most specialists and medical caretakers are fluent in English.

Indian nurses are among the best in the world. There are about 1000 well-known nurse-training centers in India, which is connected to top hospitals, graduate 10,000 nurses annually.

In simple words, Medical Tourism refers to the process of travelling to another country other than the country of residence to obtain medical care.


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